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Topic: New CPU or RAM upgrade?

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    New CPU or RAM upgrade?

    Hello all,

    Here\'s my system:

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe with AMD 1800XP-266FSB CPU
    512 MB of DDR 2100 RAM
    Two Maxtor 40GB ATI drives (one for apps, one for music samples)
    Windows XP installed on both C & D partitions (one for home apps, and one for music production)

    Lately when using GigaStudio with its effects (one reverb on 4 instruments, one chorus on 3 instruments, and two EQs on 4 instruments), I\'m getting some \"tinny\" feedback from the chorus effect after about 15 minutes. I can reset it but it always reappears.

    Could something within my system use an upgrade? I know the GS effects can be pretty demanding.


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    Re: New CPU or RAM upgrade?

    If it was your system you would get clicks and pops. It\'s probably poor coding in the effect. GSt isn\'t known for the quality of the effects..


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