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Topic: Laptops for Giga...

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    Laptops for Giga...

    So, I\'ve been thinking about getting a laptop for my Giga setup. I really want to be able to work when I\'m out of the house...and as I\'ll be out of the house a lot, it will really help me to get work done.

    I won\'t be able to afford a second site license for Giga either...so I\'ll only be able to run it on one computer. How does that work anyway?

    So, I got on dell.com and started looking into laptops.

    Here\'s what I\'m thinking of getting:

    Pentium 4, 2.66ghz
    512m Ram
    30gig hd

    Then additionally, I would get a PCM/CIA card for firewire input, a WD External Harddrive (80g) and the echo indigo sound card.

    I\'ll use Cubase SX for my sequencer.

    How does that sound for a Giga setup? Good enough? Will it be enough? According to the giga website it should be fine. But in the real world, will I have issues?

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Laptops for Giga...

    Having ordered and returned a pentium 4 2.8 desktop processor in a notebook, I must tell you be aware of fans!! The notebook will run very hot and fans will be their \'cure\'.

    The fan noise that caused me to return my computer was loud enough to ruin recording but that was small potatoes compared to the fact the fan noise just drove me nuts to listen to and try to work.

    I\'d recommend the same for firewire hard drives. Look into quiet drives.

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