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Topic: PCs in a separate room

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    PCs in a separate room

    Now that I\'m running 3 audio PCs I am thinking of moving the machines into a separate room, away from the MIDI keyboards. Only the monitors, PC-keyboards and trackballs should stay. The main reason is noise and heat from the machines.
    Does anybody have experience with such a setup? What I\'m most worried about is the video quality when using long (analog RGB) cables between the PCs and the TFT monitors. Any comments would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: PCs in a separate room

    Thanks to all for the feedback! :-( In the meantime I have found a very good solution, using signal amplifiers. Nothing beats a noise free working environment!

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    Re: PCs in a separate room

    I have two PC\'s stuck in the closet. THe video signal is fine for one monitor and not so good for the other. I did swap the leads around though and pinpointed it to one faulty lead.

    I thought they would get hot in there but they actually seem to run a couple of degrees cooler... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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