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Topic: DMA on third drive

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    DMA on third drive

    I have a third hard drive (WD 80 gig) connected to an ATA pci card. I\'m assuming that this drive should have DMA enabled but when I open the properties window the DMA check box is not there. Is there someway to enable DMA on this third drive?


    Steve Fawcett

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    Re: DMA on third drive

    I experienced the exact same problem a few days ago, I wanted to put an IBM drive as secondary master, and Windows simply wouldnt change the setting to DMA. So I took the HD on primary slave, put that on the secondary master and put the IBM as primary slave, and now it works with DMA on all three drives. Go figure. Try moving some drives around if you can.

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    Re: DMA on third drive

    Thanks Simon, I will try that.

    Steve Fawcett

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