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Topic: patch change from controller

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    patch change from controller

    This question might be off the limits, but it concerns sending patch change commands from a MIDI controller rather than manually editiing it in the software.

    I use gigastudio with HS2002, and recently purchased the Radium controller, with the DREAM of being able to produce realistic sounds using mod wheel etc.,

    I have been also trying to send patch change commands from the controller but somoehow my software does not recongnized it. If I issue a program change and entered a patch number, somehow GS never chooses the right bank, it always defaults to bank zero.
    Any feedback on whether this is possible? I would imaging composers with software synths definitely would have encountered this need and must have solved it. This would be a huge benefit. For example take a passage like the opening movement of the fifth. How painful it is just record a marcato patch for the first 3 notes and then do a patch change (to a more sustained patch) in the software, and then record the forth note separately!

    I would rather like to control the patch change as I play.

    Any inputs greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: patch change from controller

    Hi, I\'m only speculating but you might need to set up TWO controllers to do this.

    One controller sets the patch number and the other would set the patch bank. It sounds like at the moment you are only sending the patch number through.

    I\'m not in front of my gear right now so I cant try it. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: patch change from controller

    hmmm, Are you sure? That wouldnt be so convenient. But thanks anyway.

    Given soft samplers are becoming the popular choice, I would imaging someone has handled this. It would be really cool to have massive samples residing in your computer and be able to easily switch patches on the fly, externally from a controller, say by turning a knowb...in this way it is almost like a harware synth.

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    Re: patch change from controller

    Scott is right. You need to send a bank change and then the patch change. Most instruments will default back to Bank 0 if no bank is specified.

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