I\'d like to know where things are heading in the software sampling world, more specifically what Tascam/Nemesys are up to in R&D and whether their product is the one to stick with or whether Halion will ultimately be a better product?

Anyone know how many people are working in R&D at Steinberg compared to Tascam?

We must be on the verge of being able to play more than 160 voices simultaneously, surely? It should only take a couple more years and we will surely have hardware capable of playing 500+ simultaneously?

This number (160) has remained static for well over a year now, so you\'d have though that technology would be progressing?

I don\'t think Nemesys should be bothering themselves with their NFX... but rather providing integration into other vendors FX... I for one would rather use an FX plug-in that an FX expert created rather than a Nemesys/Tascam one.

Ultimately, it is the sample libraries that are the real gems, and the software is easily replaceable (so long as people provide roads to migrate to their products).

Just wondering... thoughts on a rainy afternoon in London...