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Topic: Same Giga latency for every card?

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    Same Giga latency for every card?

    I have an old Aardvark Aark 20/20 which I\'ve always considered a slow card in terms of midi latency when using Giga. Asio is fair enough with 8 ms. I don\'t know the exact speed of the Giga driver because it\'s fixed and cannot be changed but it certainly more then 8 ms.
    This is really a musical drawback for me since it doesn\'t let me connect very well with the played sample.
    Are the Giga drivers on the new cards faster? Or is every card just as fast or slow as the other?
    What is the fastest card on the market today?
    Is there anyone that can give me more insight on this subject? Thanks.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Same Giga latency for every card?

    Hmm, my cheap Terratec 24/96 has a latency of 1.5 ms. I have not tried any lower buffer settings to see if I could improve on that.

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    Re: Same Giga latency for every card?

    Sovereign, surely that\'s a figure for the Asio driver? 1.5 ms is super low! That is or almost as fast as a hardware sampler. If I can play Giga that responsive I would be almost perfectly happy.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Same Giga latency for every card?

    ...perfectly happy, yes, except for the velocity response which I truly huly didly hate.

    Isn\'t there anyone who knows anything about Gigadriver latency? Is 1.5 ms a new standard for most new cards? That\'s is faster then Asio!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Same Giga latency for every card?


    Yes, the 1.5ms refers to the ASIO\'s driver control panel buffer setting of my terratec card. But I also believe it sets the buffer size and latency for the GSIF driver when not running in multi-client mode.

    I\'ll have to check up on this to be sure...

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