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Topic: 1.5 BIG BUG?

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    1.5 BIG BUG?

    After installing 1.5, getting a new serial number and a 60 digit authorization key, Kontakt does not see any of my instruments anymore, the scan window completely ignores my external drives.
    What is going on?

    Jeannot Welter.

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    I forgot to mention that folders with .wav files do not open either..

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    Well, it looks like with 1.5 you can only open the VSTi, the standalone application refuses to load.

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    Have you tried to uninstall and install the version you bought and then update with the 1.5 patch?

    Btw. I think I saw similar problem posted on the forum at Native website.

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    I am having troubles with 1.5 as well. There are fewer options in the audio setup panel...you can no longer manually adjust the sample buffer, and so I can no longer get my latency below 21 ms running as a stand alone. I had it below 10 ms before, with no pops or glitches. This sucks. I hope NI cleans this up. 1.5 seems much less stable so far, too--I have had several crashes, which NEVER happened with the previous version.

    One thing, though...at first I thought Kontakt would no longer recognize my instruments too, and then I discovered that now in order for that to happen you have to click on the folder name, not the icon. Not a big change to the interface, but enough to be really annoying if you\'re used to doing it one way. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    Hi all,

    it was mentioned in the Native Forum to completely uninstall then install..this fixed the problemn so they said..

    I haven\'t upgraded yet but will today eventually..I\'ll let you know how I make out..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    Well, I did completely uninstall and reinstall twice, the problem remains the same. I also sent an email to NI, no answer so far.


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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    Jeannot, sorry your having trouble i know how frustrating that can be. I was having some problems too. Heres what i did,maybe it`ll help. Uninstal everything. Make sure theres no trace of any Kontakt .dlls etc. anywhere on your system. then reinstal 1.xxx using the disk and your old serial etc., then instal 1.2.1. and then instal 1.5 with the new Serial and reg.and then the DFD 1.24 ext. in that order. see if that helps..Rich

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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?


    Thanks. I did what you suggested, including cleaning the registry, same result, same problem.
    Somebody on the NI forum suggested - the way I understand it - to install 1.5 alone after uninstalling the previous versions. I\'ll give that a try.


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    Re: 1.5 BIG BUG?

    I installed the update yesterday without removing the previous installations first.

    Today, I\'ve been editing ten songs I have made earlier without a glitch. Everything seemed to work perfectly fine with the new Kontakt.


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