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Topic: Nearfield Monitors

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    Nearfield Monitors

    Was wondering if anyone has suggestions for small DAW nearfields (active or passive/amp)in the 300 dollar range. I have very little space and, though I agree I\'d need to spend more to get a decent set, I just can\'t justify the expense.

    I\'ve looked at actives -- Samson Resolve 65s, MAudio SP5s, Event PS5s. A Hafler/Alesis RA100 combo was recommended.

    Previously posts seem to speak of more expensive monitors.

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    Re: Nearfield Monitors

    Hi Peter
    I\'ve ordered a pair of Egosys nEar - this is
    supposed to be a new version of the Midiman SP5
    ( Egosys used to make the SP5 for Midiman but
    is now producing them under there own name )

    Take a look at:
    nEar at Thomann


    kind regards

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