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Topic: Buying Comp. for Giga/Sonar

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    Buying Comp. for Giga/Sonar

    I\'m going to buy a new computer so I can start using gigasamples. I don\'t have money to buy a different comp. exclusively for giga, so I\'m shopping for one that\'ll run both Sonar and Gigatudio. I\'m thinking about just getting a Vaio desktop with at least an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.40BGHz, 120GB Hard Drive, 512MB of RAM, and putting an Echo Mia soundcard (midi version) in myself. Will this work alright if I use fairly large samples (GOS, SAM, etc)?

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    Re: Buying Comp. for Giga/Sonar

    Consider buying two low budget PC\'s instead.
    I think you\'ll be better of with a dedicated machine for each. In generel Giga just needs
    lots of Ram and fast HD access. Cakewalk needs
    more CPU power if you want to use DXi\'s and plug-ins.
    Later you can always upgrade your PC\'s


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    Re: Buying Comp. for Giga/Sonar

    Hi, it will certainly do the trick. When you can, perhaps buy more ram.

    If you are not going too crazy on FX, filter sweeps, etc then your processor is fine.

    Lib\'s like GOS though tend to like more ram.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Buying Comp. for Giga/Sonar

    I\'ve just done the same thing.

    I had a spare atx P2 case, network card, dvd drive and a PCI video card so I\'ve just bought a p3 1gig from ebay, and the rest new...

    40 and 160 gig seagate barracuda\'s
    1 gig crucial memory
    optical mouse and (woohoo) a purple keyboard.
    MSI motherboard

    I\'m guessing that it\'s easily powerful enough for Giga, while also being powerful enough to run a few plugins with vstack or whatever.

    I\'m planning to try out MIDIoverLAN+ so all that\'s really needed is a decent sound card.

    For expandability I\'ll prolly use my main 2.4P4 with a MOTU 2408iii and get an RME Hammerfall for the gigamachine. Feed one set of opticals from the giga to the main PC, and run 2 sets from the MOTU to my 02r

    In the end, I think I\'ll get the MOTU 24io and completely ditch the 02r.

    If my test don\'t work out, I guess I have a nicer internet machine than the P2 450 that I have atm.

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