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Topic: Carillon Computers

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    Carillon Computers

    Hi All,
    I\'m getting my first giga system. I can be a bit of a geek and can configure things usually. However, I\'m a Mac guy and have no idea about windows anymore. But I started pricing out things and it seems that a company like Carillon is very competitive pricing wise, and the rackmount and silencing features sort of make it worth the couple hundred more.
    Their website isn\'t updated as much as it should, so I called and their prices were even better than on the website...they were nice, very informed, etc.

    Anybody have any bad experience with them?

    Any reason beyond saving $200 and spending a day installing and putting things together to not get them?

    Any other turnkey companies you\'ve had good experience with?

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    Re: Carillon Computers

    I have mine for a few years now. It\'s a good machine. The next one(later this year) will be a Carillon too.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Carillon Computers

    Sorry but I just remembered one stinker.

    I took one of their core systems, asked for 512 instead of 256 Mb ram. A few months later I wanted to add another 256 Mb from a local store only to find out that the motherboard was already maxed out at 512 Mb. Luckily, the local store payed my money back for the returned 256 Mb stick.
    This all happened in a time that 512 Mb wasn\'t a big deal but still Carillon used these boards. Hell, I thought this kind of memory restriction was from the Jurassic area. Even my 3 years older computer which I had replaced with the Carillon was able to hold 768 Mb.
    Draw your conclusions(find out as much as you can, components wise) and look out for stinkers.
    On the other hand, their machine didn\'t act funny on me once. And their inside is built as clean as a Mac.

    Alex Cremers

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