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Topic: HELP ! S-convert save same samples everytime !!

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    HELP ! S-convert save same samples everytime !!

    hi all,

    I remember people discussing this topics before but i don\'t recall anyone finding a solution for it..so here it goes again.
    When you convert different program using the same samples , s-convert resave the same samples everytime making the converted Gig files using A LOT more space than the original CD.
    For example, i\'m converting 4 programs in the Symphony of Voices library, each program uses the same samples ...the only thing that changes are the perameters within the program...well, S-convert, resave the same samples each time making it 4 x bigger than the original akai CD.
    Is there a work around/solution for this ...i tried the combine gig setting but it does not work in most cases... Thanks

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    Re: HELP ! S-convert save same samples everytime !!

    If you use the ‘Combine to Gig’ function, or if you manually combine the programs into one gig file after converting, all the instruments will share the same wav pool and avoid this duplication.

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