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Topic: Difference Betwwen Full and Lite

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    Difference Betwwen Full and Lite

    Can anyone comment on what would be missing in the Lite version , say Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds, and the Full version samples.

    I know you don\'t get all the layers and subtlties, but could you still create the full orchestra sound of a section? Thanks


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    Re: Difference Betwwen Full and Lite

    I\'m sure you can still create a full section if it were a brass library, but I suspect that you\'re desire to create more professional sounding, dynamic music will soon render a lite version incapable. I guess if you\'re just doing pop stuff that doesn\'t have a lot of dynamics it might suffice. Still, I would suggest getting a full version.

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    Re: Difference Betwwen Full and Lite

    Thanks for the comments Froggy


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