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Topic: Dedicated GS PC's .. Setup Questions

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    Dedicated GS PC\'s .. Setup Questions

    Hey Everyone --

    I\'m looking to setup a Dedicated Gigastudio PC .... I\'m pretty new to this. I want to create a setup that is easily expandable (so I can add another GS PC and another and another as I need to in the future) --

    How would I set this up?

    What audio interfaces are required for 2 Dedicated GS PC\'s + one Master PC with my sequencer and everything else. I have a Audiophile 2496 right now, I hear Digital Frontiers Wavecenter/PCI cards are great too.. not sure how it all chains together through the PC\'s, though.

    Also, what specs are recommended for the dedicated GS PC\'s (I have GOS Strings, DD libraries, big ones like those)?

    Thanks in Advance to anyone that can help me out.. Thanks a TON.

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    Re: Dedicated GS PC\'s .. Setup Questions

    Also, what specs are recommended for the dedicated GS PC\'s (I have GOS Strings, DD libraries, big ones like those)?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Lots and lots of ram. 1 gig minimum is recommended.

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    Re: Dedicated GS PC\'s .. Setup Questions

    Yes, definitely lots of ram. I have an Audiophile 2496 and run it out in stereo into the Delta 44 in my main DAW. The combined sound of both DAW\'s is then piped to my amp for monitoring purposes.

    When it comes time to render the audio though, I don\'t do it through the cards. I render the file on my second DAW and then send it across the network for mixing and mastering on my main machine. That way the file has not undergone any nasty A/D or D/A conversion.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Dedicated GS PC\'s .. Setup Questions

    I just got finished building a dual PC giga DAW set-up, and I\'ve learned a lot. My Giga machine is a 2.2 AMD with 1.5G of RAM, connected to a P4 2.8GHz Dell and they connect through 2 MOTU 2408\'s. I would say the most crucial aspect, aside from the sound cards, is the drives. My setup is just using some standard 7200 drives RAIDed. This was not a good idea. I would HIGHLY recommend looking into Glyph drives, or some other form of SCSI. If you\'re looking for extensability, you might think about getting 1 box with a motherboard and a SCSI card, and another solely for SCSI drives. It\'s my understanding, and maybe someone else can chime in, that 1 SCSI PCI card can connect a rediculous amount of drives to it with minimal latency, so you could actually fill a server-type case with nothing but SCSI drives. Either way, check out Glyph\'s site cause at least it will open your eyes as to some possibilities you might not be aware of currently:

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