Hi all:

Out of the blue the other day GS refused to start up, and the invalid page fault screen says there is a problem with the Kernsel32.dll file.

I have tried every fix I know, i e-mailed a diagnostic to Nemesys, but while I\'m waiting for a response I thought I\'d try y\'all for an answer.

I have reinstalled the program, and after rebuilding the Quicksound database, during the initialization phase: Invalid page fault. Sometimes when GS seizes the entire computer dies -- no mouse, nothing. Plus, there is a line across the top of the monitor of short vertical green lines.

Anyway, after re-starting GS, and it again asks for a diagnostic report, if I click yes and then go to settings, my Delta 1010 does not appear or my SB Live. If I then select an output pair -- Invalid page fault.

Thanks to all who have read this far, and to anyone who has an idea of how to get up and running again. Oh yeah, after all this, I did retrieve the Kernel file from the Windows/Options/Cabs directory, but no luck.

No, I have not yet reloaded Windows (never did that before, and am hoping there is a faster way to solve this problem).

Again, thanks in advance,

Steve McNamara