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Topic: Mac Soundcard Recommendation

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    Mac Soundcard Recommendation

    I\'m looking at replacing my 828 on my G4 with something better. Basically I need some analog ins, ADAT ins, and SPDIF in (to connect 2 Gigas)- all at the same time. The 828 can only have the Adat or Spidif active (forcing one of the Gigas to connect analog - which introduces a noise problem). I was thinking of the Motu 2408mkii or mkiii. Can anyone else recommend a solid interface and why?

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    Re: Mac Soundcard Recommendation

    Jeff: As I menioned in the Adat posting that I just purchased the Motu 2408 mk3 and I am very pleased with its performance as a direct 3 GS in port to the MAc. Also the Cue Mix Console is Powerful. I also use a Firewire 896 which is also excellent. It gives you AES/EBU plus 8 mic pres ( haven\'t tried them yet) or 8 analog ins as well Balanced XLR. The 896 is a faster interface than the 828. In OS X they can both be used by DP4. alhtough I am not sure if the 896 can use Cue Mix.

    The Analog Ins on the 2408 are very clean and warm sounding. It is hard to hear the difference between the analog ins and adat if you are using Gina/Layla. You can set up a Reverb send/return on the analog ins/outs using Cue Mix and get fast monitoring. The 828 can also be used as a Giga Sound Card so you can keep it and add another Giga and run it on a laptop with Firewire.

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