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Topic: New setup help?

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    New setup help?

    Hey Folks -

    How many of these have you seen? I hope you can still help:
    New IBM motherboard-based custom system from West LA music
    PIII/1GHz/512MB/WestDig 20 + 60 EIDE
    Echo Gina
    EgoSys Miditerminal 4140

    1) Doesn\'t recognize the Gina as GSIF compatible, even though it sees it; can\'t find Echo website for drivers?

    2) Crashes every time I enter the registration key I got from Nemesys; screen scrambles and I must cold reboot. Notice that the \'com\' light on the Miditerminal comes on right before the crash and stays locked on until reboot.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: New setup help?

    I was able to run the LAYLA-20 with GigaStudio no problem, so I\'m sure the GINA will work. I can help you with your first question. You can get GINA drivers from www.echoaudio.com HOWEVER, it says this on their webpage at the moment:

    Welcome to Echo Digital Audio

    We have had big problems with the company that hosts our web site. They can not seem to get our web server running after the \"Nimda\" virus. They have also been extremely difficult to deal with. We have moved our site to a new hosting company. We are currently working to get our site back on line.

    Sorry about the inconvenience. Drivers should be available later today or tomorrow.

    Thank you!

    Sales - sales@echoaudio.com

    Support - techsupport@echoaudio.com

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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