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Topic: How do you work?

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    How do you work?

    I am new to the computer music making process. I am discovering a whole new world, with plenty of possibilities, and I am pretty excited about it, but I don\'t know how I should work. Any advice or any book/web site recommendations are welcome.

    I am interested in composing modern \"classical\" instrumental music. I currently have Gigastudio, Cubase, Finale, a Roland Digital Piano RD-700, and some sample libraries. How should I make that work together?

    My main interest is to produce sheet music that will be playable by musicians, but I would also like to produce good demo songs from what I compose. The idea is to have the demo and the score synchronized so if I change something in the demo, it is also changed in the score. Is it possible? How do you guys work? Do you work in an audio editor tool, or a sequencer? Do you also print your music?

    Also, which online store has the best prices for sample libraries? From what I see, prices vary a lot from place to place...


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    Re: How do you work?

    THE Radu Lupu???!??!??!!!!
    -Mr. Gullible

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    Re: How do you work?

    Nah... A Radu Lupu...

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by beemozland:
    THE Radu Lupu???!??!??!!!!
    -Mr. Gullible

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