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Topic: Marche des Canoniers

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    Marche des Canoniers

    Again an older piece, but it's some kind of world premiere.
    This march was found in a booklet in the Flemish archives. It was composed by Georg Christoph Wagenseil, an 18th century composer, working at the court of the Austrian empress Maria Theresia. The march itself was totally unknown and presented only the melody line in handwriting. So a new arrangement had to be made. It was recorded live by De Kleine Compagnie for the Belgian National Broadcast Corporation.

    Marche des Canoniers

    Have a pleasant listen!

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    Re: Marche des Canoniers

    Hi Jos,

    I sure had a delightful listen!

    Your instrumentation is just perfect
    for this kind of project!

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: Marche des Canoniers

    Thanks a lot Yudit!


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