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Topic: Serenade for guitar and strings

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    Serenade for guitar and strings

    Dear old friends, who ever remember me, here is a Yucatan serenade, hope you all well...


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    Re: Serenade for guitar and strings

    Dear Ted,

    It's so good to see you here again!
    The forum is a sad place nowadays...

    You brought light to brighten it!

    A very enjoyable serenade with lovely

    Although you named it Yucatan serenade,
    one can hear your European heritage
    all over.

    Thanks for sharing and keep well and safe.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: Serenade for guitar and strings

    Hi Ted,

    I listened to your Yucatan Serenade and I was really surprised by so much beauty in all its simplicity. So pure and delicate, carefully supported by the strings. Such a piece, played by a real guitarist and with some subdued chamber orchestra could be a perfect background for a romantic scene or for a documentary on the beauty of nature. The guitar is never obtrusive and yet clearly present, bringing its sparkling poem to live. Just wonderful and so well written. Ted, this is one of your best compositions (for as far as I know all of them).

    Thanks for all your beautiful music!

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    Re: Serenade for guitar and strings

    Hey Ted,

    Thank you for sharing your composition. It was nice and relaxing.

    Hope all is well.


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    Thumbs up Re: Serenade for guitar and strings

    Very nice. Not much more that I can add the others have not already said.

    // Ars longa, vita brevis
    // http://edosbear.blogspot.com/

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