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Topic: Trio, part II: Chasing Dorian Grey

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    Trio, part II: Chasing Dorian Grey

    Hi dear friends,

    After a computer breakdown, I could finally complete the second part of my trio for flute, viola and cello.

    It was the intention to write every part in another (traditional) tone scale. The first part was of course the whole tone scale. This one deals with the dorian scale. They all have a color in their title too.

    Enjoy the listen,

    Chasing Dorian Grey

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    Re: Trio, part II: Chasing Dorian Grey


    I did enjoy the listen of your Trio, part II. As the title’s play on words suggests, it has a sprightly feel to it and echos a much earlier musical period than your Trio, part I.

    Staying tuned for part III.


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    Re: Trio, part II: Chasing Dorian Grey

    Thanks Phil.

    It's of course written in the dorian scale (as the title suggests), which is not so 'modern', but rather medieval or earlier. But the choice of chords and harmonies refers to the first part (more impressionistic). The rhythm evokes the chase evolving to a perfect dorian D-finale.
    The next part will be in an even more strange scale, an irregular one with more tones than in a 'normal' scale.
    Wait and see (hear)...


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