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Topic: Gratioso

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    Hi friends,

    I would like to present this time an older live recording of an anonymous piece (18th century). As mostly with these archive pieces, the document only provides a melody line. So I had to write the arrangement for my chamber ensemble. I'm the one with the baroque piccolo traverso in the back, some 25 years ago...

    Enjoy the listen!


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    Re: Gratioso


    Just lovely!

    One of the things I would like to do is to take such a melody and arrange it.
    I'm sure you did enjoy doing it!

    You must have had a great time with your ensemble group.

    Nothing like a group of dedicated people
    who work together for a common interest!

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: Gratioso

    Thanks Yudit. It was really fun to work with such music lovers. Our first violin player was a super pro and he preferred our small ensemble over the 'great ones', only because of the friendly and intimate team spirit.
    Now he has returned as a viola player to the famous Spectra Ensemble.


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    Re: Gratioso

    Hi Jos,

    I really enjoyed your Gratioso. Your arrangement provided a tasteful framework for a wonderful performance from your chamber ensemble. I’m sure it was a quite rewarding experience for all involved.

    I really hope my small town will be able to have concerts and music making once again in the not to distant future.


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    Re: Gratioso

    Thanks Phil.

    I do hope so with millions of other people. I will receive my first vaccine on April 22, second on May 21.

    Let's hope that a vast majority will be vaccinated very soon, so that public life can start again!


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