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Topic: De Kleine Postillion

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    De Kleine Postillion

    Hi dear friends,

    Allow me to present another older arrangement, played by "De Kleine Compagnie" (my chamber orchestra until 2006). It's not so classical, rather a bit country or upper class dancing music. This piece was ordered by the National Belgium Broadcast Corperation (VRT) for a collection of Flemish dances. So it's played live for the radio.
    In this piece, I play the Flemish dulcimer (5 melody strings, 4 chord strings).

    De Kleine Postillion (The Little Mail Coach ?)

    Enjoy the listen!

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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Hello Jos,

    I quite enjoyed your chamber orchestra radio recording.

    Here in the states I think it might be thought of as polka dance music with classical influences or refined polka. I could see this being preformed as part of a local classical music concert.


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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Hi Jos,

    Another very enjoyable live piece.

    I immediately saw in my imagination a large room
    with people dressed in the fashion of those days,
    enjoying the dance...

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Very pretty piece, excellently performed. Must be an experience to hear one´s music in a live performance. You are an excellent composer, Jos, it is a true pleasure to hear such happy and lively music like this. Joyful.


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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Thank you all for the heartwarming replies. It was indeed a real pleasure to work with such a good orchestra. We evolved from amateur status to semi pros (7 of the 9 musicians were pros after a number of years). We were working from 1979 until end 2006. One of our CDs was declared best CD in the genre by the national broadcasting station. We had quite a number of live performances as well for the radio station (in studio or even in plain air). It was always my goal to interpret these little pieces according to their context (historically and instrumentally). We played mostly airs and contradances from the 17th, 18th and early 19th century, found in our Flemish archives. (I must have some 3000 by now..) Disadvantage: they were never orchestrated, so I had to do it myself.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Dear Jos, again you present your wonderful gift to express JOY in your delightful music pieces. I love this little gem , especially the lyrical theme! What an enjoyment!


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    Re: De Kleine Postillion

    Thanks Gerd. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the piece. That's what music is created for, isn't it (or should be anyway...!).


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