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Topic: My last composition " Versailles "

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    My last composition " Versailles "

    Hello dear friends composer

    I would like to share with you my last composition " Versailles "


    Best regards,

    (PS : Soundcloud version : https://soundcloud.com/laurentkoleda/versailles )

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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    Lovely orchestral work in the baroque style. Is it Händel inspired? I did hear the cembalo (harpsichord) too, typical for the style.
    I like it. Well done.


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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    This was quite an enjoyable orchestral/choral work. The image on Sound Cloud says it all. Celebratory energy of humankind.


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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    fastlane & kjelleman, thank you so much for your answer and words.
    yes, of course my inspiration it was that of this period and their composer.
    effectively, it is indeed a harpsichord that we hear

    Thanks again

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