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Topic: My last composition " Versailles "

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    My last composition " Versailles "

    Hello dear friends composer

    I would like to share with you my last composition " Versailles "


    Best regards,

    (PS : Soundcloud version : https://soundcloud.com/laurentkoleda/versailles )

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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    Lovely orchestral work in the baroque style. Is it Händel inspired? I did hear the cembalo (harpsichord) too, typical for the style.
    I like it. Well done.


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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    This was quite an enjoyable orchestral/choral work. The image on Sound Cloud says it all. Celebratory energy of humankind.


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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    fastlane & kjelleman, thank you so much for your answer and words.
    yes, of course my inspiration it was that of this period and their composer.
    effectively, it is indeed a harpsichord that we hear

    Thanks again

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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    Hi Laurent,

    Magnificent work again. It clearly refers to Händel, but the percussive approach reminds me rather of Rameau. The acoustic setting is pretty much OK for this orchestra, except for the choir, which sounds covered or pulled to the very back of the hall. For the rest, nothing but praise. I'm a baroque and classicism lover, you stole my heart with the piece!


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    Re: My last composition " Versailles "

    wow - this is great! What a jubilent JOY! Fantastic orchestration!! I enjoy also the choir very much !!!!


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