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Topic: Can't register software & cust serv not replying

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    Can\'t register software & cust serv not replying

    Anybody know what to do if the installation process for GigaStudio 96 refuses to recognize the gigapiano disk as required by the registration process? I have only a couple days left until the software disables itself and I\'m not getting any help from cust support. It simply will not complete the registration process. If I can\'t get it registered it will disable itself and I\'ve just wasted a whole lot of money for nothing.

    BTW: Also cannot register on the web page because a file the web page says should be on my hard drive isn\'t there.

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    Re: Can\'t register software & cust serv not replying

    The first packages of the Gigapiano had problems. I don\'t know if yours is one of that. Mail to Tascam and ask for a replacement disk. Normally they reply within a few days.

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