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Topic: Accessing MIDI data in Sibelius

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    Accessing MIDI data in Sibelius

    Anyone out there who is using Sibelius and GS? One of the really frustrating things for me is that you don\'t seem to have access to any kind of MIDI \"event list\" to edit MIDI data directly. I really miss this, as I\'m used to having this facility in Logic.

    It would be so good working with GS to be able to change note velocities, programs etc without having to insert expression marks all over the score you\'ve worked hard to get looking great. And in any case such marks just aren\'t refined enough to give the kind of control I want. I have used Finale in the past, and I remember you could edit the MIDI data directly in that package.

    Has anyone figured this one out? Is it just ignorance on my part (I don\'t think so as I haven\'t come across anything in the manual or anywhere else).

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    Re: Accessing MIDI data in Sibelius

    Sibelius has no equivalent to Finale\'s MIDI Tool.

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    Re: Accessing MIDI data in Sibelius

    Sibelius is woefully lacking in midi control ability. Read, it has almost none.

    -- Martin

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