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Topic: The Nature of Illusion

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    The Nature of Illusion

    A MOR easy listening piece, with a subtle jazz feel.

    This piece was like creating a sculpture. I carved out parts, and as I added more parts, I went back and re-defined previously sections.. The melodic tracks were improved, with some editing, cutting/pasting. As I kept carving out the un-needed parts, it became more obvious of what was supposed to happen.

    I've discovered I use a creatiive/subjective and an analytical/objective mode. Usually in creative mode. I just play, I might listen and re-do if I think it needs to be more focused. But I don't get hung up on timing mistakes, or messy playing (hitting 2 notes at once). I usually record several passes. Then I wait another day, then listen, analyze.

    I've found I do come up with some good ideas, but they don't come out in a linear order. I might make a part, decide it's garbage and MUTE it. After I've created some more parts, I UNMUTE the bad track, and realize it sounds like I was responding to parts I recorded later.

    And believe me I also come up with a fair amount of bad ideas too. I see it seems to take some time for me to get 'accustomed' to parts, which at first sounded bad.. Other times, I create something I think is great, and realize the next day, although it might be bad or good; it doesn't 'fit' with the other parts.

    I sometimes get anxious as I create, thinking it's not up to par.. Then I realize I need to have more confidence in my ability to get it right.. (usually takes some time). I'm much more 'picky' about what passes now, then when I was younger.

    If anyone has a problem playing the link, please let me know. I'm having problems with Safari. You can download and listen. I'll see
    if I can fix it.

    The Nature of Illusion -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p8n...ew?usp=sharing

    The Nature of Illusion Score -https://drive.google.com/file/d/13ti...ew?usp=sharing

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    Re: The Nature of Illusion

    While jazz, even subtle jazz leave me behind, I do enjoy the inventiveness and brilliance of your work, always professionally done. This time, your description how your process of creating is going, all of us can learn and appreciate your methods. Thanks,


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    Re: The Nature of Illusion

    Hi Mark,

    Well, that was very enjoyable indeed!

    You most certainly are developing your skills of
    composing and the ways for expressing yourself.

    This piece sounds much clearer and more present
    than some of your other pieces, which had elements
    that sounded far off and vague.

    Thanks for posting.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: The Nature of Illusion

    Hello Mark,

    I agree with Yudit that this music is more unified in musical thought than some of your previous work. As always, the execution is impeccable.

    Yes, it’s pretty MOR/light jazz but you provide ones journey with twists and turns that are intriguing and fun until returning to it’s natural conclusion.


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