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Topic: Kontakt Update Posted!

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    Kontakt Update Posted!

    Kontakt 1.5 and DFD extension 1.2.4 are now posted on the NI site. Go to \"Shop\".

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    Re: Kontakt Update Posted!

    I\'ve tried downloading the update but the site won\'t let me go past the authorization area. I know I am a registered user and I don\'t know why the NI site doesn\'t recognize my username or password.

    Has anybody encountered this problem?


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    Re: Kontakt Update Posted!

    Ok, my bad: I didn\'t know you have to \'purchase\' that update from the online shop. NI should post that info from the Kontakt Updates page so nobody gets stuck where I got stuck.

    Anyway, I am waiting for my authorization key now. I hope everything else goes smoothly.


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    Re: Kontakt Update Posted!

    Woo-hoo! I\'m there!

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