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Topic: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

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    Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    OK, first of all, the system:

    PIII 733MHz
    384MB RAM (will be 512MB by tonight)
    10GB EIDE ATA100 Boot Drive
    9GB Seagate Barracuda Ultra SCSI Audio Drive
    9GB Seagate Barracuda Ultra SCSI Giga Drive
    M-Audio Delta 66 (for Cubase)
    M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (for Gigasampler)
    Midiman MidiSport 4X4 MIDI interface
    Cubase VST/32 5.0r6
    Gigasampler 1.64

    OK, I am able to sequence Gigasampler with Cubase no problem and all works brilliantly and smoothly during my work session. The problem comes when I close the programs and shutdown the computer. Upon shutdown, I get a blue screen \"Fatal Exception\" error and the computer freezes. I can\'t do anything except to cut the power to get it turned off. This can\'t be good for the system over time.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this problem and how to solve it? (Please don\'t say upgrade to GigaStudio!)

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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    The only recommendations I can give you is to look at each piece of hardware/software you are using and to try to download the latest drivers for them. I have been having similar problems which I have resolved by downloading the drivers. You often find that the software you get on disc is WELL out of date to the latest release of the software online. That\'s the best starting point. The error you are getting is just that. An error and is only resolvable by downloading bug-fixed software. As to WHAT is causing it... that\'s anyone\'s guess... sorry

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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    Thanks, paynterr. I\'m using the latest drivers for everything on the system, so there really isn\'t anywhere else to go with that.

    I just ordered HALion yesterday to use within VST, so hopefully I won\'t need to bother with my GS troubles anymore and I\'ll just use GS outside of the recording environment to play piano and stuff. Hopefully I will have better luck with HALion.

    The error doesn\'t happen if I use GS or Cubase separately - only when I\'m using them together.

    If anyone else has insight into this problem, I\'d be interested to hear it. Thanks!

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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    If you are running Windows 98, you may be having problems with the shutdown being too fast. That is a known problem with Windows 98 and Microsoft has a patch that delays the shutdown for 2 seconds to give Windows a chance to do everything it has to do before the processor shuts down.


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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    Wow! Thanks Doug. I would have never guessed this!

    I am running 98Lite (98micro version) and the computer does start up and shut down very fast, so I guess this is a likely cause.

    I\'ll check out the Microsoft site for the patch. Thanks again and I\'ll post the results either way in case someone else runs into the same problem.

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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on Shutdown after using Cubase/Gigasampler

    Well, I tried the Microsoft shutdown supplement patches for Windows98 and no dice. At first I thought it was an issue with Cubase. However, tests that I did tonight have indicated that it seems to be more of an issue with Gigasampler. If GS is installed and I run Cubase or Gigasampler (not necessarily together), then I am assured of a blue screen \"Fatal Exception\" on shutdown. If I uninstall GS, the blue screen errors go away completely even after running Cubase.

    This spells out the fate of GS for me - I ordered HALion the other day and as soon as it arrives, GS is going on eBay. It has been nothing but headaches for me and I\'ve run out of patience for it now that there are so many other alternatives within the VST world. I\'m just glad I won\'t be out the money from my sample libraries since HALion will import them - at least to some degree.

    I\'m not saying GS is at fault here, I\'m just saying it doesn\'t seem to like my system and I don\'t have the time to fight with it any more as I\'ve taken every step that I could find to make an optimized, efficient audio workstation. I just want to make music within a reasonable budget (which my wife feels that I\'ve already gone overboard on - and she\'s right) and not spend my time trying to sort out software problems.

    It has been a pleasure conversing with all of you in this forum. I will continue to check in on the sound library forum since I can use the sound libraries with HALion. Giga sound libraries are second to none, so I will maintain my interest in them.

    Thank you.

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