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Topic: KVM-switches

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    I\'ll have second computer within few weeks and now I need also this KVM-switchbox. I think that controlling 2-4 computers is enough for me.

    So what do you use? What should I buy? I don\'t actually know much about these equipments...


    Tapani S.

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    Re: KVM-switches

    I\'m in the same situation and have been looking at what\'s available. Here\'s a 4-port Belkin switch at Buy.com.

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    Re: KVM-switches

    With KVM switches you also need cable to connect to the computer. I recently purchased a KVM switch and cables from newegg.com. The one thing you need to be careful of is if the VGA connector on the switch is male or female. Wihout that information you can\'t get appropriate cables.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: KVM-switches

    Thanks, Tack så mycket, Kiitokset!

    My friend actually recommended Belkin switches. I think I\'ll buy the 2-port version.

    Tapani S.

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