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Topic: Help with MFC42.DLL. & NIF.DLL errors?

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    Help with MFC42.DLL. & NIF.DLL errors?

    Does anyone know a fix for illegal operation crashes when trying to save a new program created by the wizard in GS Edit 2.2? Every time I get an invalid page fault in module MFC42.DLL and divide error in module NIF.DLL , and the new program is not saved.

    I am running a PIII 1 gig, 256 RAM, Luna soundcard, GS 96 Vrsn 2.2, and the only other things the PC does is run the Luna software and Logic Audio 4.7., the main systems being ProTools TDM on Mac.

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    Re: Help with MFC42.DLL. & NIF.DLL errors?

    Do a search of all the copies MFC42.dll on your system. Make sure the one with the most recent data is in your Windows\\System folder.

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    Re: Help with MFC42.DLL. & NIF.DLL errors?

    Thanks Bill. There seems to be only one copy of Mfc42.dll, and it indeed appears to be in the right place- Windows\\System folder- but the problem remains...

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