I've decided to take the plunge and get a serious orchestra library.. GPO5 is very reasonable at $149.. You can get their Anthology which has a number of libraries also.. so I'm contemplating

Now I have a mist-mash of old libraries, on Kontakt. I've bought almost all UVI libraries, which can run on their free UVI Workstation player, or Falcon, a pretty powerful Player, with a lot of options.. But there is only IRCAM orchestra instrument library and there is not a lot in the way of articulations for individual instruments.

I had purchased a couple of Chris Hein libaries, which are decent but EXTREMELY soft.

Does the Aria player take much CPU power?.

I prefer the sound of the Falcon player over Kontakt (or is it the libraries). Falcon can use more CPU, and I can bog my 6 core 2015 Mac Pro - 64gig memory. I prefer to keep virtual instruments 'live', as i often go in and make small changes here and there. When Logic bogs down, I turn the MIDI to audio, and save the 'Channel Strip', so I can go back and get the exact same instrument..

Anyone here tell me the memory they use with ARIA. if they have Macs, what DAW they are using and what model.
I understand now the new Mac Mini's are more powerful than my 4 year old 6$K computer.. and the new mac pro will probably be out of my price bracket.

Anyone's experience with Garritan products and Aria would be greatly appreciated. or alternate libraries (if that's allowed here).

I've come to greatly appreciate this website, and if Garritan libraries work for me I'd be glad to spend the money.