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Topic: The Morning Mist

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    The Morning Mist

    The Morning Mist

    The music covers a fair amount of territory, i was trying to portray the varied musical landscape one encounters, especially as the mist lifts, and more becomes apparent.

    I used a lot of tracks, many of them very sparse. Again using traditional sounds with ‘organic and non-organic synthetic sounds. I worked with the idea of some tracks, being ‘washes’ that is they are very faint, almost not discernible, but they help add color, flavor. Of course there had to be some birds too.

    The Morning Mist - https://app.box.com/s/xcf7knrzzvm1md993tkf30uwicdgh1n3

    The Morning Mist Score - https://app.box.com/s/qafvfkrmk65jmniu560tj8dl49lsadyv

    You can download the score, then blow it up in your pdf reader to see more clearly

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    Re: The Morning Mist


    Quite an unusual approach to describe a morning mist.

    I would have imagined it much more softer and slower,
    as getting out of sleep... out of darkness...

    Your ability to create such a complex score
    with so many sounds, instruments and effects,
    is amazing.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: The Morning Mist

    For me, the mist lifted very soon, and nice sunshine dominated. I agree with Judit. you are an amazing arranger.
    Thanks for posting this


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    Re: The Morning Mist


    It always fun just to take in your fast moving, sophisticated arrangements.

    The Morning Mist, for me, presented imagery of an early morning weekend late spring day in NYC. I’ve only been there in the dead of winter after a record snow storm but even on a lazy Spring, Sunday morning i’m sure there is certain amount of hustle and bustle and rich, diverse sights and sounds that one experiences. Fast paced relaxation in NYC.


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    Re: The Morning Mist

    You are a very creative musician, Mark. The instrumentation in this piece is just excellent, a perfect choice of sounds to guild your melodies and emotions.
    It was a pleasure.

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