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Topic: A temp fix for pops and clicks

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    A temp fix for pops and clicks

    Hi fellow Gigaheads

    I have a pentium 3 450[yes I know I need to upgrade]with three hard drives .Two dedicated ultra 66\'s ,one for cakewalk ,one for giga ,and a seperate drive for win 98se and programs ,and Im using SB live and Darla 24 for sound cards .
    Ive tried computer opimising tips [like the one avalible at the Tascam site ], Tried changing out every component in my system one at a time to try to fix the problem I have had with pops and clicks .
    I know I could probably throw more money at the problem ,by buying a brand new computer, but have been told by Nemesys that I should with my computer be able to run giga piano with 64 note polyphony with the sustain pedal without pops and clicks .
    So I found something that seems to work to fix the problem on my system.

    This is what I did .
    Open giga studio.
    Set polyphony at 64 voices
    Set transition to 22 voices
    {you can set these higher if you have a faster computer, set it just below you computers voice limit]
    Restart computer
    Open giga studio
    load giga piano
    Play patch using sustain piano until you hear pops .

    OK heres the fix part.

    Go to settings /sampler and align you mouse pointer with polyphony change setting [but don\'t change it]
    At that point the apply button will not be grayed out , so you press the apply button on that sampler page.
    Then go back and play the giga piano or what ever patch pop and click free.
    Let me know if it works for you .

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    Re: A temp fix for pops and clicks


    I just wanted to mention that with a 450 machine I don\'t think you necessarily need to upgrade. I have 3 machines: a Pentium II 450, a PIII733 and a PIII866.

    The interesting thing is that the PII450 runs just as well for gigastudio as the other machines!

    I have no pops and clicks, but ONLY when I perform the \"temporary fix\" discussed on this list many months ago, which is a different one from yours.

    (Load above 70% memory, then delete all except about 6% memory, reload instruments and then, oddly enough, Gigastudio will perform normally with no pops or clicks. At this point I try not to every turn off the machine, as once this is performed you can load and reload etc as normal, until you restart).

    The above original \"fix\" is for pops and clicks that occur about every 2 minutes. I realize you might be referring to a different problem however.

    Another \"pops\" problem I personally had is when, for example, playing the GPiano whenever the polyphony went higher than about 50 voices there was a LOT of pops. Turned out my machine had the incorrect Hard Drive Cable installed (needed to be 80 wire DMA cable for Maxtor drives).

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    Re: A temp fix for pops and clicks

    Hi Robert
    I tried that fix that you referred to from a past post but it never fixed my problem.

    I have been having the very problem that you mentioned , when voices exeed about 50 voices I hear pops and clicks with giga piano and the sustain pedal.
    I have 80 pin ultra cables on my giga and cakewalk drives ,so thats not the prob in my case.
    Since I posted this thread , I have noticed a ocational pop and click with my fix[darn I thought I fixed it] but not near as bad as it was.
    It is a improvment.
    It\'s nice to know that I dont have to upgrade ,in the case that your 450 in working just as well as the others .
    Thanks for your input, Ken

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