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Topic: Corolin for Cello and Piano

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    Corolin for Cello and Piano

    Starting work afresh on a new cello piece reminded me of this composition of mine from a long time ago, which I like very much. Very melodic and flowing (mostly) and,quite as tonal as I am ever likely to get.


    Corolin (Cello and Piano)https://app.box.com/s/49ujhu6qzdke62n8jm15371a4eha7rsv

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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    I am replying now, because the Forum works. I had waited for posting, replying for hours,
    I like your composition, I am not very close to your cello, way too much vibrato, but that is what you have, so deducting this, congratulation.


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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    Hello Richard,

    I enjoyed your Carolin duet. It’s definitely quite different for you. You have delved unabated into romantism but I can also hear some of your signature style, although subdued.

    I liked the soulful cello but I wonder if the viola or violin would technically have work a little better with the faster passages. Maybe a piano, cello and viola/violin trio.


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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    Appealing music indeed. Nice cello play with catching articulations. I felt there are two parts, the first one slow, sentimental and lots of feeling. Second part quicker and little bit "dancy". I like these contrasts. The piano supports nicely although I would have appreciated some exchanging roles sometimes. I guess the piano player would like to show her brilliance as well and for 8 minutes she might get a bit eager to do that. But for the listener, it works well with cello as the leading part all the way.
    Great work, Richard.


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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    I liked The Cello mutely.. I thought the piano part was interesting, because it felt like it was on it's own talent. Having it's own private conversation, (or lost in it's own thoughts). Then at 3;21 it came more into alignment with the cello. Nice technique.. Then when tempo picked up they were more 'in sync' with each other. NICE

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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    Wow, what an outstanding Cello sound! I love it - both the melody with its beautiful Irish folk tune flavour and this great Cello phrasing! Amazing! I am refering here to the Cello of the first slow 4 minutes. The piano part I don't find so satisfying, a bit monoton and not always in match with the Cello. And the faster middle part also does not really speak to me, all the more I adore the return of the melodic athmosphere towards the the end. Thank you!


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    Re: Corolin for Cello and Piano

    Hi Richard,

    At first I was a little surprised to hear a 'conventional' piece (for what the word conventional is worth in music of course). With growing interest I kept listening and in the meantime I enjoyed the wonderful cello sound and its part. It's such a great instrument, so close to the human voice. It's so full of expression and emotion. Your piece is a showcase of these expressions and the sonic qualities of the (sampled) cello. Although not so detailed, it still offers a very realistic performance.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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