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Topic: Laptop audio cards for Gigastudio

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    Laptop audio cards for Gigastudio

    Does anyone have any suggestions for laptop audio cards?
    I probably will just be using it to playback Gigastudio32, so I\'m not looking for anything too pricey. I will most likely be running the outs directly into my Delta66, or into same via my Mackie. The laptop will serve as a standalone sample playback machine.
    I was just at the Midiman site checking out the USB\'s, but they are more than I need.

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    Re: Laptop audio cards for Gigastudio

    I can recommend the Tascam US428 - I\'ve just added one to a laptop and it\'s working great for giga160, plus it includes 2 midi ins and a cool USB remote controller for cubase. I paid £319 (gbp)

    Not given it a full road test yet as the laptop\'s just dedicated to choirs (running the VOTA word building util) but the polyphony\'s gone to 160 and no glitches so far.


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    Re: Laptop audio cards for Gigastudio

    Thanks Ian, I\'ll check it out.

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