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Topic: A Point Of View

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    A Point Of View

    A Point Of View

    An incident/mis-understanding with a friend, caused me to rethink what and how a relationship worked, and also how I viewed the world in general. The piece was originally sadder, but i lightened the tone somewhat, and as the different motifs came to me, and the instruments used. I realized it represented how I viewed myself, and how I perceived life in general and how it has drastically changed over the years.

    While not excited to have turned 70, I realized my mother set an example of how to age gracefully. Without getting worked up over losses, both physical in my health, friendships, shrinking finances, the state of society and the world.

    So my mom was like the branch that bend with the wind and survived longer. My Dad was more rigid in his thinking, and did not deal well with the changes and losses that were happening to him.. No judgement on my Dad, we are each as emotionally different as we are physical. It’s just that one can’t immediately judge the emotional makeup of a person. where as its very easy to see physical makeup.

    I hope that point comes across in the music. I wasn’t directly thinking about that, but as the piece matured, and I worked on and refined certain sections. I realized this was what I was subconsciously doing,



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    Re: A Point Of View


    It is interesting to compare your thoughts about life
    with how they are expressed in your music.

    What I can hear is a combination of something well grounded
    along with a feeling of flowing lightness, soaring-like.

    I can also hear your viewing things from different angles,
    and it sounds to me that you have found the way to
    peace of mind.

    Your mother was a clever woman.
    Age is just a number on paper.
    You are what you think, feel and how you react.

    Keep it up!

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: A Point Of View

    This was a relaxing musical journey of imagery as you shared your inward journey of introspection and growth. There are events in one’s life that cause one to reassess the world and one’s place within it.

    I hope you also found comfort in this musical journey.


    I think we grew up during a special time.


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    Re: A Point Of View

    Hi Mark,

    Indeed, an interesting journey into aging and the emotions, feelings, states of mind it brings along with the passing years. Of course your musical approach is strictly personal and the expression of your dealing with the consequences of the years will be so different to other people. As such this composition could be looked at as a philosophical treat, offering inspiration to all the listeners.
    Where as the content is rather complex and individual, the rendition is cristal clear and very sensitive, like the instrumentation and the general atmosphere.

    Very well done! Thanks for sharing,
    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: A Point Of View

    Mark, you certainly have a very personal and appealing musical style which make it always interesting and exciting to take part of. With all lovely sounds, chords and melodies your music is a never ending source of inspiration.
    And this piece is just as lovely as your other works.
    Thank you very much for a truly pleasant moment.


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    Re: A Point Of View

    I go along with Judith, Kid, at 70, you are young! Keep young, as your music is young and fresh, and your professional side showing up beautifully.


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