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Topic: Newbie Advice - Midi and Audio Outputs

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    Newbie Advice - Midi and Audio Outputs

    Hi all

    I\'m new to Giga, though I think its wonderful. I\'m not sure how many MIDI and Audio channels I need in an interface card. Let\'s talk theory...

    If I were using all of the 64 MIDI channels, meaning I have 4 in, 4 out, and every one of the channels in each bank is loaded with samples, does this mean that I would need 64 audio outputs (32 stereo pairs) in the card to be able to play all the samples at once?

    I guess what I\'m asking is what is the correlation between MIDI and audio channels (1 to 1?) and do you need to play all channels at once or is this just convenience so you don\'t have to patch?

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Newbie Advice - Midi and Audio Outputs

    Hi Larry

    There’s no direct correlation between MIDI and audio. Any Instrument in GSt can be routed to any output. If you only have one output, everything can (and will) be routed to it.

    Each Instrument responds to a different MIDI channel. You can load as many instruments as you need, or as many as memory allows.

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