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Topic: I love my Luna 2!

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    I love my Luna 2!

    Just wanted to say that I really love my Luna 2 board, just got it and been using it for 4 days.
    Truly everything that I needed from a card, and much more.
    Big thanks to marcuspocus on his good advice! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: I love my Luna 2!

    Thanks man, and you\'re welcomed...

    Now go check www.planetz.com/forums

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    Re: I love my Luna 2!

    I\'m thinking of getting this card too, just for the routing. Is there a manual anywhere, so I can have an in-depth look at the routing capabilities of the luna 2?


    PS, can you put native fx on gsif outputs without having to route them throug asio? (ie, does the luna\'s virtual routing environment have a mixer that has DX/VST inserts)???????

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    Re: I love my Luna 2!

    For manual : ftp://ftp.creamware2.de/sfp31/sfp_v31_e.zip

    And, no, you can\'t have native insert (vst) without using a seq (asio or WDM)

    BTW, for those interrested, i said before that creamware had very bad WDM driver, well they now have a released beta WDM driver acheiving 1.5ms latency in Sonar... I think that\'s pretty good, promising at least for a beta.

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