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Topic: Real-time effects on gig sounds

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    Real-time effects on gig sounds

    Is there any way I can apply DX effects to my gig sounds that are triggered by MIDI in Sonar? I know there are NFX, but I want to access all my effects like I can with audio in Sonar and other such programs.

    Someone in another forum suggested this may be possible with Virtual audio cable: He said,\"It is basically an audio router, I think you can use it to send Gigasampler audio data via the out port of the audio cable then process it on Sonar via the in
    port of the audio cable. I think you should enable input monitoring [in Sonar] to do the Virtual audio cable trick.\"

    I wonder if that would make the latency really poor or even if it the solution I am looking for. I want to be able to hear my effects on the MIDI sounds as I play and record them. I have a SBLive as a MIDI port only, and all sounds/audio is played through my Delta 66.

    I guess the best solution would be if Gigastudio supported DXi, VST, etc. directly. Any possibility of that ever happening?


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    Re: Real-time effects on gig sounds

    See the path as follows: http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/000381.html

    Hope this helps,

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