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Topic: Digital Performer

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    Digital Performer

    Has anyone been able to get more than 16 midi channels running Kontakt with Digital performer on the same machine? If I run multiple instances, all of them share the same 16 midi channels.

    Can anyone help please?



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    Re: Digital Performer

    Some have good results useing a VST wrapper with the kontakt vst plug-in, there you get more than 16 channels with multiple instances. But in stand alone it\'s only 16.

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    Re: Digital Performer

    Thanks for the reply Chaim. I know about the Audio Ease VST Wrapper, are there any others?


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    Re: Digital Performer

    in my experience with VST wrapper, i get some weird interface effects, with parts of the interface jumping around. as far as i can tell, the audio quality is fine tho. still, i prefer to use kontakt in standalone mode because of this.

    i get this with kontakt, lounge lizard ep-1 and hardcore bass\'s kompakt, but other VSTis work great with it.

    hopefully this will all be fixed when NI gets everything up and running in DP for OSX.


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    Re: Digital Performer

    Hi John,
    Are you able to have multiple instances of Kontakt and more than 16 midi channels, when running VST Wrapped inside Digital Performer? - and if so how?


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    Re: Digital Performer

    sorry for sidestepping your original question Andy. my recollection is that you can have multiple instances with access to more than 16 midi channels-each time you instantiate kontakt it is identified separately by the track name with 16 midi channels available-at least this is how it is with other VSTis.

    frankly, it\'s been awhile since i\'ve used it in VST mode as i found the interface bugs pretty frightening. and now that i think about it, i think they might hinder any attempts to edit the patches.

    kontakt takes a pretty big CPU hit anyway, so i question how many instances you\'d really be able to run. sorry i can\'t give you a more definitive answer.

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    Re: Digital Performer

    yea , thats the way its done in Cubase as well. e.g in your VST inst. rack ~Kontakt 1 has 16 midi cnls.,Kontakt 2 has its own 16 midi channels..etc etc..I can usually get about 5 instances going on 1 machine with P4 2.4 and 1 GB of ram. its great for orch. stuff. I have a feeling the new(1.5) update will accomodate DP better..Rich

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    Re: Digital Performer

    Thanks Guys.


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