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Topic: Help! Can't record GigaStudio's output into Sonar XL

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    Re: Help! Can\'t record GigaStudio\'s output into Sonar XL

    Check my post in this topic.;f=2;t=002417

    I hope it works for you. If not, feel free to private message me.

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    Help! Can\'t record GigaStudio\'s output into Sonar XL

    Here\'s the situation:

    I load a sample into port 1, channel 1 in GigaStudio.. I load up Sonar, make a new MIDI track, and set the output to GigaStudio port 1, channel 1. I begin recording in Sonar and I play the gig sample (a piano in this case). It records fine and I can play it back and hear the piano.

    The problem occurs when I create a new audio track in Sonar and try to dump the GigaStudio recordings (MIDI tracks) to an audio track. It can\'t pick up the sound because GigaStudio is playing to WAV out. I have no problem dumping MIDI to audio from my Roland keyboard obviously because the Roland is plugged into the H/W in on my Audiophile 2496.

    So can anyone tell me how to dump the Gig tracks to audio? I know there\'s a WAV capture in GigaStudio but I\'m using GS24 right now which doesn\'t have that feature (but I\'ve already ordered GS96..woo!). WAV capture could work, but what if my musical piece in Sonar has MIDI tracks pointing to my Roland and tracks pointing to GigaStudio? Do I have to do a WAV capture in GigaStudio, dump the Roland tracks to audio, then combine the two? The only solution I can think of to record the GigaStudio output audio is to run a male-to-male cable from the S/PDIF OUT to S/PDIF IN. But there should be a better way...

    As you can see, I\'m pretty confused about the process here [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Any help would be greatly appreciated. Heck, even drop me a private message.. or email me at samh1974@hotmail.com.



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