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Topic: The Orchid Lounge

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    The Orchid Lounge

    The Orchid Lounge - https://app.box.com/s/158pl64kq1vl9iexs8z2ok0oauem26ed

    The Orchid Lounge Score - https://app.box.com/s/3maikcutkguwrez3oj1jl96bralkdh8s

    I've been experimenting with creating additional tracks, that are purposely softer, but bolster another track. Some of these tracks are 'doubled', but others have the main notes, with some voice movement. Gives a fuller sound without being so clutterered. (yes I know there are still some dense areas).

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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Professional, inventive, imaginative= great!


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    Re: The Orchid Lounge


    You are a master when it comes to relaxed ambient music.

    Something in it reminded me of the song 'Nature Boy'.

    Thanks for posting.

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Hi Mark,

    Your “Orchid lounge” is real ear candy. Technically brilliant! It’s very relaxing but at the same time complex with all the changes and different sounds floating in and out. I guess the genre could be called soft jazz but Zappafied.


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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Very well done!

    Clean, clear, and eminently listenable.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Such a beautiful music, I feel so comfortable with it. Amazing sound and many interesting melodies and chords. Remarkable rhythm, goes directly deep inside.
    The scores is handsome, is it handwritten?
    Congrats to you, Mark.


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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Thanks jelleman

    The score is made within Logic Pro.. The coding for the score is the oldest in the program. They haven't done a lot to it, over the years. I found a manual written by the German guy who wrote the scoring section..

    On some tracks in the score, that is the direct MIDI channel. On other tracks, I copy and 'message' the notes a bit' to a 'Display Only track. The advantage is it looks better. The advantage of using the MIDI track, is you can edit from the score page, and instantly hear the changes

    Because of the number of tracks, and sometimes, some of the tracks don't have precise 'pitch centers, I make up a percussion track (one staff). It at least shows the activity on that track, so it's good for visual reference only..

    Although I gather that if I ever did have a group perform a piece, then it would be their discretion on what to play,

    Truth is many of the tracks (especially in UVI libraries), have a couple of layers, and sometimes arpeggios, or sequences built in.. Very upsettingly Apple in their INFINITE WISDOM chose not to implement MIDI OUT on their Audio Units plug-ins So you can't get a proper midi out of what the notes are on some tracks. which I find upsetting.

    Although creating the score, takes significant time. It gives me a much clearer insight into the composition itself. 70% of the data going to our brain comes from our eyes. Taking the time to create the scores has helped me considerably in arranging.

    Logic's scoring is a bit funky, and dated to say the least.. Certainly can't stand up to Sibelious or Finale. But I have read, many LA sessions are done with Logic creating the demo of song, and charts are written using it's scoring function. I still need to focus more on the order of the instruments, but since I have very few traditional instruments, it's rather hard to accommodate classical score display..

    I also want to thank everyone here. I listen and study scores (when available). Also go to Youngcomposers site.
    Although what I write is not in the vein or others here. Their development, motifs, compositional devices are subsconciously seeking in, and I am interpreting them in my own manner..

    A classical composer is the DEFINITION of a composer in my mind, and what a lot of you do here is distances aware from where I am. I will probably never achieve that (not sure that I really want to). but I like as McCartney often says 'nick' things here and there.

    I really want to profoundly THANK you, for letting me participate here at Northernsounds.

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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Hi Mark,

    If I were in your place, I wouldn't bother too much about other genres or styles to make music in. You're such a good craftsman at what you're doing that it would be a waste of time and talent to 'try' to be different in a genre that you're not so familiar with. With this piece you've proven again what you're capable of as to composition, sound designing and producing (mixing and mastering). This is great in all aspects: inventive, varied, well built, good use of all the instruments and a (to me anyway) surprising use of the acoustic space.
    Indeed in every piece I hear things that are new to me, since I'm so used to hear the entire ensemble (orchestra) in one space, with one type of reverb, with a logical depth according the seating plan of the players... In your compositions, all of this seems so far away and that is somehow absolutely refreshing and new to me. That's exactly why I love your music so much. So please go on and don't try to choose the uncertain path of scholastic music!

    Jos Wylin

    http://www.joswyl.be compositions and sampling practices

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    Re: The Orchid Lounge

    Thanx so much Max - I sometimes have doubts, I am not 'legitimate' enough'.. Although I certainly enjoy creating what I do. It was become much more work, (since I've joined here).. I really try to find/explore all the possibilities and find the best solution.

    I do greatly marvel at what you and several others do here. And i am learning something from what I hear. I feel honored to be accept here, with such talented musicians.

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