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Topic: Pulsar II on W98

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    Pulsar II on W98

    I have this equip.

    Abit BL7 Mobo (Chipset i845)
    768Mb Ram PC-133
    Seagate Barracuda UDMA ATA100 80Gb (gigs)
    Creamware Pulsar II

    I think this is not normal.

    With 70-80 Voices, the system goes too slow and i hear some clicks.

    (In SFP i have open STM2448 Mixer with 2 MasterVerb and 32 channels from gigastudio)

    After the Creamware i have a Terratec EWX2496 Card and with 130 Voices all was OK!

    Any help ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Pulsar II on W98

    Go on www.planetz.com/forums and ask, you\'ll get fast response with tips from real hardcore user of Pulsar. I know that on my Luna+Pulsar1 on a P3-1ghz, i reach 160notes without a glitch. So there must be something else.

    You have 98 or 98SE? If 98 it\'s my guess that\'s why, update, w98 has bad timing and cannot use correctly the memory and ios...

    If you can, even XP is better, i run in XP pro and ULLI is set at 3ms 24bits and everything run very smooth.

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