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Topic: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

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    Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I use a EWS 88 MT (TerraTec) for Gigastudio, and the card works good, but does anyone know what is/are actually the best sound card/cards for GS? I also have the DMX6fire (TerraTec) and this card works not so good with GS to my point of view.

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I would still say the delta 10/10..

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    No way, the 1010 is horrible and the support is worse! Try an RME or Creamware card, they are the best.

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    Horrible ?? i don\'t know about that...
    I have no problems with it - and it sounds pretty good...latency is very little (but gets more when you add the 1010ai, which is a little annoying to me - then again i do most of my mix/rec/editing in Ptools and am very spoiled)

    would you explain \"horrible\" - and I agree the RME stuff is very good too (I used to have one in my logic rig which I replaced with an 896, I don\'t know how good it is with giga)
    I had my gigastudio build from soundchaser and they chose the 10/10 - for a reason !
    As I said , no problems with it and it sounds good !

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    Is the card I use, EWS88 MT, a good card, or average, or not so good, or bad, or something else. How can this card be classified? (I know of course that more expensive cards are mostly better and the less expensive are mostly worse.)

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I had a really bad experience with the 1010 and win XP, you probably are running 98SE so your probably ok, but the 1010 drivers for XP are mediocre at best. I found that the support from M-Audio was very poor also.

    People always have differing opinions and experiences, and my experience may or may not be typical, but I thought you would like to know my thoughts on the matter. I have definitely found superior quality of the RME products including drivers, I also have a creamware card that I like very much.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I\'m getting by on a Delta 1010 but I think your mileage will vary depending on your computer hardware/OS. I do have some minor click/pop problems under XP with an Asus P4B266C motherboard. There are many people doing fine with Delta 1010s under Win98 and XP but probably on slightly different hardware than mine.

    I\'ve noticed the RME cards don\'t rely on the old \'need a dedicated IRQ\' approach that no longer (should) apply under today\'s operating systems so maybe they\'re more \'on the ball\' so to speak, tech wise. Needing a dedicated IRQ as the Delta 1010 does can cause some hassles.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I would also trust RME or Creamware over all other manufacturers. I have a 2 Creamware and they are absolutly fantastic, specialy for mixing + GSIF drivers.

    My friends has a 1010, i seriously, i would not buy it. This is personnal an maybe a bit objective thou... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I\'d also recommend the Delta 1010, I\'ve had one in my Giga rig for about a year and have never had any problems. It really depends on the rest of the computer setup. I\'m running an Asus P4B board with a 1.8 gh P4 and get 160 voices with no clicks or pops. And I\'m running XP, not 98. Before I upgraded to XP I was running 98 and never had any problems there either. The 1010 has very clean converters and a good internal mixer, which lets you route the output of Giga directly into an audio input in a sequencer. As far as M-Audio\'s support goes..I\'ve never had to talk to them because I\'ve never had a problem, that\'s my favorite kind of support!

    I\'ve heard a lot of good things about the RME Multiface and might get one in the future for a laptop...but its almost twice the price of a Delta 1010!

    By the way, if your pc is dedicated to Giga then the 8 analog inputs and outputs on the 1010 or RME are probably overkill. You might stick with what you already have to try the M-Audio Audiophile or the Echo Mona.

    Are you having any problems with the Terratec card? How does it perform with Giga?

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    Re: Best Sound Card for GigaStudio

    I haven\'t used any other cards than the EWS88 MT (€ 408,52) until now, so I can\'t compare with other cards. But as the other cards: Delta 1010, Creamware, RME are more expensive, I think they must be better.
    Until now I haven\'t had any problems with EWS 88MT. Well, sometimes there was popping in sound when playing back, will the sound be better with the more expensive Cards?

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