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Topic: GPO5 and Logic Pro X - examples?

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    GPO5 and Logic Pro X - examples?

    Hi, I'm strictly a hobbyist at orchestration. I did a small orchestral score a few years ago but have forgotten most of my techniques. I have some additional time now and would like to get back into orchestration a bit.

    Are there any downloadable examples of orchestral scores done in Garritan and Logic Pro X? I think that would be fun to download something like that (an actual Logic project) and explore it.

    Also, are there any other guides on how to set up a complete orchestra in Logic Pro X? I'm not sure whether to alternate Player1, Player2, Player3 for 40 tracks for a 40-instrument orchestra, or what. I might grab a classical symphony score and try to represent sections of it just to see how I can make it sound. I enjoyed sequencing the little Rimsky-Korsakov snippet in the first lesson of the orchestration class on the other thread. (I used Flute Plr1, Violins II Short Bows KS AG, and Violas Short Bows KS - it sounds pretty good, although I couldn't figure out how to make it sound as reverby as the audio example.)

    Finally, I saw that there is no pdf manual for GPO5. Is that online manual on the website the extend of the documentation, or are there other guides I can download as well?


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    Re: GPO5 and Logic Pro X - examples?

    To answer the last question first, you will find a pdf manual for GPO4 still available on the company web site here: https://www.garritan.com/user-manuals/. It has the basics of usage for many of the GPO5 instruments in it, so still worth a download and selective print of the contents IMO.

    As you'll see on the same page, there are web based tutorials written for most DAW s/w but not, unfortunately, for Logic Pro.

    From my own point of view, I learnt a lot by succumbing to the lure of Finale which has the ability to integrate Garritan libraries and to turn dynamic and phrasing into MIDI commands. But it's a big spend. In my case I was lucky to find a hard copy on sale as a new release came out.
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