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Topic: GPO vs Personal Orchestra 5?

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    GPO vs Personal Orchestra 5?

    Hi, I haven't used Garritan for a while, but I think I'm fully upgraded and registered.

    When I'm in my Aria software (actually in the Aria plugin from within Logic Pro X), I'm able to load samples from either "GPO" or "Personal Orchestra 5". It's possible I have multiple Garritan libraries installed, but I don't remember. Are they different from each other, is one preferable or more recent compared to the other?

    Also, I am able to use my midi keyboard, but I have a normal sustain pedal plugged into my keyboard, in the "sustain" 1/4" opening in the back of the keyboard. But it doesn't seem to be making a difference to Aria or Garritan - when I press it, it doesn't seem to register and I don't see the pedal light up in the Aria display. Is there something else I'm supposed to do to get the pedal working with my samples for legato playing?


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    Re: GPO vs Personal Orchestra 5?

    Personal Orchestra 5 (GPO5) is the upgrade to GPO (GPO4).
    It contains more than 90% of the original GPO4 sounds plus, especially in the strings, a number of new samples, originally I believe from the old library GOS.
    Plus it has some new pianos, an extensive set of organ pipes, and more choir sounds, to name but a few.
    The compressed GPO5 library is more than four times as large as GPO, 4.32GB as opposed to 950MB.

    It's perfectly okay to leave GPO4 where it is, but Personal Orchestra 5 will give you significantly greater choice of sounds.

    The sustain pedal on your keyboard should be sending MIDI a controller message CC#64 which should show up at the extreme right hand side at the bottom, of the ARIA interface, the rightmost pedal "lighting up" when it is pressed. This will put the instrument you've chosen into or out of legato mode (for woodwind, brass and strings) or for piano imlement what's often referred to as the "loud" pedal.

    Any help?
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