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Topic: Midi Interface Recommendation Please

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    Midi Interface Recommendation Please


    I have a new GS160 rig (P4, lots of RAM, fast HDs etc. and Intel chipset) and I could use some help as well as a recommendation with a MIDI interface. Since GS160 has 4 MIDI ports, does that mean....

    I should have a 4 in and 4 out Midi interface (like the Roland UM550 for example) to make use of its full potential?

    Should it be PCI or USB (is there a USB 2.0 out yet), and is there any problems with the USB variety?

    What are your recommended models (stable, fast, good price)?

    Thanks for your help


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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please


    I\'m using the egosys wamirack 24 which has 4 midi inputs so I can handle the 64 channels of gigastudio 160. It\'s also an audio card with 8 audio outs plus S/PDIF and timecode ins and outs.
    I had a MOTU midi express USB interface before but i noticed a 4 to 5 ms of extra latency .
    I\'m using XP pro with an ECS mobo and P3 1.2ghz
    CPU. The wamirack has very acceptable latency.



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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please


    Thanks for the recommendation. A couple of questions. Other than using a controller to drive synths, I was never a big MIDI guy.

    What is the purpose of 4 midi ports in GS? Do the 64 channels operate independantly in groups of 16? Does it mean that you can have more instruments playing simultaneously?

    Thanks again for the help


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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please

    I use Motu MTV AV over my parallel printer port. It has 8 MIDI ins and 8 MIDI outs. Each port can handle 16 MIDI channels.

    It works very good, no latency at all and nice flexibilty.

    My current settings are:

    Port 1 IN : #1 Studiologic Keyboard 880 Midi Channel 1,2.3,4 (selctor switches on keyboard)
    Port 2 IN : #2 Studiologic Keyboard 880 Midi Channel 1,2,3,4 (selctor switches on keyboard)
    Port 3 IN: Digital Church Organ (2 Manuals and Pedal IN) Midi Channels 1,3 and 7
    Port 4 IN: MIDI Controller (49 keys in a drawer under the computer for fast entry of notes in
    notation program (finale 2003).

    Port 5 IN: Roland PK-5 MIDI controller.

    Port 3 OUT: Digital Church Organ

    Using several ports gives you much more flexibility. I sometimes play on the organ, sometimes use the Studiologics and PK3 and sometimes I\'m just sitting in the computer and enter music with my mouse or MIDI keyboard.

    I do a lot of live improvisations and compositions with my setup. I use a 12 channel audio system which is all around me.

    Overall I\'m very pleased with the technical setup. No problems at all!

    VAIO 2,2 GHz 512 RDRAM 800
    Layla 24
    2 Monitors on GForce 440
    Motu MTV AV
    Gigastudio 160
    5 Digital Reverb Units
    2 31 Band equalizers
    12 Audio Channels (including 6 from the digital organ).
    OS Windows XP home

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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please

    Thanks Maestro. Nice setup. Mine is not that complicated, but some good tips there to remember


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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please


    As you can tell, having 4 independent midi ports give you access to the 64 channels of Gigastudio\'s midi information simultaneously.
    It\'s very practical if you want to keep your tracks virtual . I prefer that to render them as audio because I can always go back and modify the parts easily . I render to audio in the final phase of production.peace


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    Re: Midi Interface Recommendation Please

    I use M-Audio\'s Midisport 4X4, connected through USB. So far I have no complaints, it is stable, fast and I got it for a very resonable price (125 Euro).

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