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Topic: The Outer Realms

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    The Outer Realms

    The Outer Realms - https://app.box.com/s/zidxfugavisxhaw1uzsipb3e6o6pzvr0
    The Outer Realms Score - https://app.box.com/s/blkwx0j91g5tdv3sfa7e4zg8wtfmo09d

    Just getting over viral pneumonia - wow -not fun.. Here is a new composition

    Commentary The Outer Realms
    This loosely reflects ‘the outer realms of my mind/and the edges I don’t often go to’.. I’ve always allowed my mind to go any direction in my quest for musical creatine. Although with time - one needs to place different boundaries to prevent chaos. All the sounds are reflective of events or beliefs in my mind. They are like my ‘pet sounds’.. I am drawn to this combination of sounds for my sound palette.
    The piece reflects various moods, processes and motifs that have happened to me.

    I spend time on the Ringo Starr drum/orchestral percussion fills; rather than rely on on steady drumming. The use of only fills allows me to include more musical matter without the piece getting too dense.
    I again used various, sound rooms, halls or no reverb, or room acoustics. I wanted different instruments to be coming from different environments. I realize too often in conventional music I get ‘stuck’ on the sound of the hall, or reverb that was used. To me, it often overpowers or dilutes the emotion of the notes of various instruments. I also feel the different acoustic environments on different instruments, adds to the quality of the piece in that it is ‘un-natural’ although concsciously most listeners will not be aware of it. I feel it also adds to the impact of different unanticipated sounds, instruments, thus setting up the listener’s mind for something different.
    Like most of my pieces lately.. I start with a chord progression, generally a generic piano chording track. working on pacing, complexity of chords etc, As piece evolves, I sometimes used chord substitutions,/more complex forms of chord, so the piece doesn’t have clear repeatable sections . As I create the piece, I take the chord track out, other instruments play notes that alter what the original chord would have been.. I develop melodies, motifs, and harmonies, sometimes altering, what the original chords were, or making them more complex.
    Some of the tracks don’t have a real ‘pitch center’s or are complex UVI or Kontakt libraries, with arpeggios or built ing sequences (some quite subtle). So these are notated on bottom of staff as a percussion type instrument. Logic’s pitch detection, can’t isolate these notes accurately, nor do I have perfect pitch - so i don’t have accurate notes for these tracks. Besides a piece needs some mystery to it.
    Although this piece has more of a ‘jam’ quality to it, some instruments get to stretch out and improvise, etc. I am not concerned with tradition structural forms at this point. So it is a musical ‘landscape’ piece’. one might say. I enjoy the meandering and exploring nature, rather than predictable musical devices.
    I was discussing with a fellow artist, my age, how he sometimes being new and creative hard. He feels confined by all the musical rules and processes he knows, and it get’s hard to ‘think outside the box’. I notice in my life, how my thinking gravitates towards, rigidity and rules, in all aspects of life, rather than blindly experiment with the unknown - which was a frequent technique I used in my youth.
    Piece is 9:35 - so sit down, relax..

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    Re: The Outer Realms


    I hope that by now you are fully recovered.

    I found this composition very interesting.
    It was a challenge in itself to listen to it.

    At first it felt to me like being in an enormous
    ocean, with different creatures and objects
    swimming around, appearing and disappearing,
    evoking different emotions.
    There was no hold to something stable.

    Then I seemed to hear 'wake-up calls'...
    after which it felt like being on familiar grounds.
    Finally there was a short reminder of that ocean...

    Interesting sound effects and ambients.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Yudit ~

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    Re: The Outer Realms

    Great observations - that's exactly what I was trying to achieve.. The number of items, that come and go, reflect the way my life has gone. I feel strangely drawn to assemble a number of items, and 'juggle' them, into a piece.

    And it exactly reflects, how I have dealt the with life. I have an assortment of varied and some what eccentric friends. i have sought out situations, jobs, ideas, that seem unrelated, and try to find some 'meaning' in them. I guess it is also after a lifetime of writing structured, formula driven pop music. I feel a need to get away from that.

    I guess I'm using music as a form of therapy to explore myself.

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    Re: The Outer Realms

    Hi Mark,
    to me this is very innovative music with a modern and fresh feel. It is filled with nice melodies, twists and surprises capturing the listener and puts her in a mood where pictures, associations and ideas constantly are popping up. You know what, I am brave now telling you this, this music dissolves space and time, letting them flow into each other leaving just a bare mind with its unaffected thoughts. As Einstein loved Dali I am sure he would appreciate your music in the same way. Isn't it Dali you are painting?
    Very impressive.


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    Re: The Outer Realms

    Hi Mark,

    As always you've proven to be an artist in mixing and creating atmospheres. Your ways of working are totally different from ours, you seem to com-pose (put together) all short bits and pieces (fragmentary with sequences and samples) to one big unity in order to create a certain feel. For that purpose you use all musical means at your disposal, even the ones that don't seem so logic to most of us, classical composers. I noticed different acoustic depths and types of reverb, natural and unnatural volume balances, all types of instruments babbling quietly, supported by modest and soft percussion.
    Indeed you always create an own world which leads to reflection and dreamy moods.

    I can't imagine anyone not liking your sonic creations. And for us the most interesting feature is the refreshing NEW approach towards music without ever losing the quality of the entity.

    Fantastic is the word (or should I say fantasytic)?

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: The Outer Realms


    Another quite interesting musical world you have created with this work. As with your other works, there is an ambient, soft jazz feel to this that sort of act as your guide as you experience all these musical scenes on the journey.

    You have some fine samples to work with and you certainly are a master at using them in a mix. I’m glad that you are able to use your honed skills to express yourself artistically rather than being confined to work within other musician’s commercial formulas.

    I assume you’re feeling much better now. I had a good bout of self inflicted vertigo this morning. I was sleeping with Apple earbuds, listening to ambient music to counter the sound of the heavy rains. They were probably putting pressure on the inner ear while I was side sleeping. Harmless but not much fun.

    Phil Lovgren

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    Re: The Outer Realms

    It's a nice and interesting long composition. One thing I love about long compositions is that they keep you in a kind of atmosphere. One of my favorite long compositions which is around 10 minutes is from one of the the YS series symphonic albums. The whole time your listening to the music it just takes you out of this world. Anyways, a lovely composition, thanks for sharing.


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    Re: The Outer Realms

    Hi Surick:

    Yes, I've been examining that concept, long pieces that keep you in an atmosphere, or environment. Not feeling like I have to rely on a strick chord progression anymore. I experimented for a while with long pieces, that did not have a noticeable pattern to the the chord progression.. Didn't work like I had hoped.

    Underlying premise, the brain likes some sort of 'cohesiveness'. Of course, by repeating and slight modifying motifs, you can ride over and bridge different ever-changing chords, and get away with it to a degree.

    I wrote, studied pop music almost all my life since a child (well there were those Church Pipe organ, and Hammond organ lessons). But from 13, when I joined a rock band, where chord progressions, structure is actually pretty rigid, if you want it to remain pop. Now in my old age, and since I no longer am obliged to play music to pay the rent, I like bending, breaking, or ignoring the shackles of the rules I spent my life learning. Of course we still have to adhere to them in part, lest our music turn into chaos.

    And oh YES, Dali and Hieronyous Bosch (The Garden of Delights) had a great impact on me. I loved the 'unreality' they were capable of depicting. The impact of the dripping clock somehow had a profound effect on me.

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    Re: The Outer Realms

    Very eclectic yet organized. Nicely done.

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